A web design company that creates a professional online presence for all entities that desire to showcase their brand. Our approach to creating the website our clients desire requires constant input and feedback. Therefore, we fully engage the client in order to gain knowledge of their business along with what they expect once the site is complete. This produces a professional, quality web presence that you can be proud of, in addition to your present and potential clients being able to gather relevant information and updates in regards to your business.

As former freelance professionals, creating websites for churches, non-profit organizations, medical professionals and entrepreneurs, Top Hat Web Designs was birthed from the rave reviews we received. Time and time again, we receive compliments and are sought after from the word of mouth advertisement our clients gives.

Rest assured, you will never get a "cookie cutter" website from Top Hat Web Designs. We are passionate about our work and are only satisfied when our clients are happy with the finished product. This requires creativity, along with a blank canvas so that we can produce our best work.

No matter what area of business you are in, Top Hat Web Designs will help you put your best foot forward in online form. We can further enhance your brand with business LinkedIn pages and social media presence. We take emphasis on your brand and work to bring your presence online in a way that will pique your desired audience interest so they would want to know more.

We are based in Englewood Cliffs, NJ, also known as the "Trillion Dollar Mile", but provide services to clients all across the country.

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